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Porcine DNA Testing: Food, Pharmaceutical and many more Products

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The HaFYS porcine-DNA Detection assay on the GeneSTAT provides a simple and accurate method for porcine DNA testing in various food and pharmaceuticals products.

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The GeneStat Analyzer

  • Complete qPCR Analyzer incorporating proprietary technology in a small self-contained package capable of operating across a wide temperature range and in non-lab settings
  • Single test sample with four potential analytical targets brings molecular testing where needed
  • All programming contained in unique cartridge makes system a “Click to Analyze” instrument usable without substantial training
  • Minimal maintenance with no routine calibration needed.


  • Based on well-established technology for molecular testing
  • Highly sensitive 0.0001% (pork in a non-pork meat products)
  • Highly Specific-no cross reactivity with other meats
  • No sample-to-sample carryover and complete biological and amplicon containment
  • Requires no specific molecular (DNA) laboratory skills or experience
  • Testing direct from meat specimen, no sample preparation required
  • Broad applicability: Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical components and many more
  • Provides results in about 1 hour

What can be tested

  • Raw & cooked meats
  • Processed food, prepared food
  • Gelatin powder
  • Gelatin pharmaceutical capsules
  • Surfaces; kitchen & manufacturing surface
  • Frozen & canned food Snacks-chips, crackers, etc.
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