TMA 450

Discover the World’s Finest Thermomechanical Analyzer

The TMA 450 delivers Superior Performance, Unmatched Sensitivity & Maximum Versatility.

With the ever-increasing demands for higher performing materials to meet the needs of challenging applications, understanding how a material reacts to its environment is more important than ever. Meeting and exceeding industry standards* for testing, the Discovery TMA 450 provides information about the material’s coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CTE), shrinkage, softening, glass transition temperatures, and much more.

The Discovery TMA 450 delivers premium performance with advanced options and configuration flexibility intended to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.

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Features and Benefits

  • Non-contact, friction-free motor delivers forces from 0.001 N to 2 N enabling measurements on the widest range of samples from soft compressible elastomers to stiff composite materials.
  • Wide-range, high-resolution measurement transducer accommodates sample lengths up to 26 mm, a measuring range of ±2.5 mm with resolution as low as 15 nm for an accurate dimensional change measurement.
  • Advanced testing modes of Modulated TMA (MTMATM), Dynamic TMA, Creep and Stress Relaxation extend capabilities and empower users with even more valuable information about the mechanical behavior of materials.
  • Convenient Mechanical Cooling Accessory (MCA 70) provides controlled cooling to -70°C without the cost or hassle of liquid nitrogen.
  • Powerful TRIOS software delivers exceptional user experience and ease-of-use in a combined package for instrument control, data analysis, and reporting, reducing training times and raising productivity to new levels.
  • New, innovative, “app-style” touch screen puts instrument functionality simply One-Touch-Away™, enhancing usability and making it easier than ever to get great data.
  • Every instrument comes with a commitment to quality backed by the industry’s ONLY five-year furnace warranty for peace of mind.

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