Extensive portfolio of LC/MS instruments

Agilent’s portfolio of LC/MS instruments takes the versatility of HPLC separation to another level with the sensitivity and specificity of mass spectrometry. 

Add easy-to-use mass selective detection to your HPLC analyses with single quadrupole (SQ) LC/MSD. Achieve quantitative precision with triple quadrupole (TQ) systems that break sensitivity and size barriers.

Highlight of the Product Offering

Ultivo triple quadrupole LC/MS (LC/TQ)

Ultivo is a stackable Liquid Chromatography Triple Quadrupole (LC/TQ) mass spectrometer that eliminates the MS footprint by incorporating the MS into the LC stack, and represents a transformative approach to LC/TQ. Ultivo triple quadrupole LC/MS provides the performance found in larger comparable systems, but at a fraction of their size. 

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Ultivo triple quadrupole LC MS (LC TQ)

6495C Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

The 6495C triple quadrupole LC/MS system is the highest performance LC/TQ available, ideally suited for peptide quant as well as applications that require ppt sensitivity. There is no other instrument like it – the combination of utmost sensitivity, extended mass range, ease of maintenance, and the power and flexibility of MassHunter makes this the system of choice for demanding applications.

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6495C Triple Quadrupole LC MS

6470A Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

The Agilent 6470A triple quadrupole LC/MS system delivers robust performance for commercial, regulatory, life sciences, and research applications. The 6470A UHPLC MS/MS system employs two technological advantages: Agilent Jet Stream ion source and curved geometry collision cell. These innovations enable you to reliably detect target compounds at low levels in diverse matrices, while achieving wide linear dynamic range. 

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6470A Triple Quadrupole LC MS

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